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Pull Up, Tune In, Party On!


Ready For Some Fun!

Our new touring open air movie night experience packs a bunch of exciting entertainment into one fun night out. We’ve created an excuse to get out of the house for a night that broadcasts from our screen straight to your car, allowing us all to come together, while still keeping us a safe distance apart.

Event Schedule



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Social Distancing

Our event layout and staff ensure that recommended social distancing and sanitary standards are maintained.

A popcorn container


No movie experience would be complete without popcorn and soda! Our staff will bring all items to you so you never have to leave your vehicle.

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When nature calls we have you covered. If you need to use the facilities you won't need to run home.

Host Your Own Event

A drive-in movie is a classic American activity. Our base package includes the screen, projector, and audio setup. A drive-in theater is the perfect foundation to build a community or corporate event. Our expereinced event planners will help you work out all the details so you can just enjoy the show.

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